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Name:Richelle Brinkley
Location:Raven Hill, NSW, Australia

Richelle is a shallow, vague teenage girl from Raven Hill in New South Wales, Australia, who is obsessed with fashion and dreams of becoming famous. (She's not really fussy about how. As long as it doesn't involve anything embarrassing, that is). She's also a member of Teen Power Inc., a small job agency that she and her friends have for doing small jobs around Raven Hill - and often results in them getting involved in a lot of mysteries along the way.

Teen Power Inc. is a children's book series written by Emily Rodda. Richelle's PB is Phoebe Tonkin, and she is currently being played at Distant Skies. If you play at Distant Skies, I would very much appreciate it if you could fill out my visual info request form, as Richelle is the kind of character who pays close attention to people's clothes and fashion.

Dæmon: Glissant (Greater Flamingo)

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