May. 12th, 2030 08:49 am
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If you have any thoughts or constructive criticism you'd like to leave on how I'm playing Richelle, just leave a comment here! Anon commenting is enabled, and IP logging is turned off.
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Richelle notices fashion and appearances, and she'll react how characters look. Since we're all writing in text here and I can't actually see how people's characters are dressing, it would be an awesome help if people would reply here with some information about how your character looks.

Just detail what's relevant for your character, but if you need some questions to get you started, here's a few:

  • Whether they have an iconic/distinctive outfit
  • Whether they are very well dressed or not
  • Whether or not they use make up
  • Whether their hair is looked after well
  • Whether they have a particular 'style'
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